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Ill take that as a compliment :)

It creeped me out so, definitely a compliment lol

An overused concept yes still fun definitely!!!


Ik im late to the genre

nice remake!

Full Play NO COmmentary


Thanks mate :)

Man @#%? looks like MR BEAST!!

you mean MR BEAST!!!

thanks for the fix.

ur welcome ;]


un muy buen juego, me encanto la forma en la que dan las preguntas, fue genial /

a very good game, I loved the way the questions are given, it was great

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¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!!


9/10 nice game

Thank you so much <3
What, in your opinion, can be improved?

more footage , maybe a jumpscare?

hmm.. thanks! will try to get a 10/10 from you next time :))





Thanks a bunch!!





this shit is ass


instead of just saying "this shit is ass".. Use you Big boy words and actually tell the developer why you didn't like it, saying something sucks without telling anyone why wont give the Dev's any insight.. This isn't the Steam comment section the Dev's actually read what you put here.. don't be a Goblin.. 


im srry :(


don't listen to em bro, it's amazing (:

Thanks :]

i agree


His icon is literally a trollface. He just says stuff to make people mad bc he has nothing better to do.



Hey great game enjoyed it (actually jumped at the part that the options were scary/scary on the examiner image, the sound effect caught me off guard). A question though, what does 14AJJR5 stand for?

Its a secret ;]

tell us plaese

T̸̨́̏h̷̖͒̚͝a̷͙̥̽͋t̵͕̗̾͒͠s̷̯͇̯̆͆ ̷͚͕͠M̷̝̜͕͑̄̕y̷̥͓͚̓ ̴̱͐͋F̵̡̛́á̵̢̙͚ṁ̵̛̠̰̙̈́ȉ̷̧̈͘l̷̝͒̿y̷̝̝̽


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that's anti-climactic lel

true but what you gonna do bout it


my new favorite genre

horror genre is the best ;]


yo man excellent game scary and a nice little experience. Also, I have a question I have played some of your games and something that is shown a lot is religion is this important?

I don't think so...


KInda reminded me of the older movie THE RING

Gotta watch it then :}


Fun little analogue horror, with plenty of creepiness to it. Well curated and a solid execution.

Thanks <3


very unnerving

Thank u

love it

Oi! Thnxz

Nice update! I think... unless this game just has the same name as something I played a long time ago! Second game in the video.

Uhhh :]

Lol, did I discover something? ;)

what is it

That was awesome. I'm just gonna say, that mask person and I said a lot of sexual tension...when's the dating sim spin off?

Jk lmao, but seriously, you're talented.


Soon ;)


actually if I'm pretty sure the mask person thing is early CGI faces I'm pretty sure.

Deleted 1 year ago



hold up it wasnt just me

I like these types of games, good work :)



Loved it! 

Thank you !!

Heyy there! Enjoyed your game. Had some solid spoopy moments. Was kinda curious about multiple endings but didn’t have enough time to seek them out! Thanks for the game!! Reminded me a bit of aa Maple County and another Examination game in a good way c:


Ayyy <3

This game was spooky and creepy just like the first one. You nailed it again. Great work!

Thank you!!! Consider rating <3

Short but not bad. Made a video on it.


Hey! So I got my letter today and they said I failed- could I retake the exam or something? Thanks!


I love the concept! Would like to see more c:

Thanks for playing :) consider rating <3


Interesting Style of game ,  really enjoyed it,hoping for a longer gameplay:D

I download it instead of playing it on the browser, and i notice a huge audio imbalance with the voice and the other sfx, do increase the voice audio at the start , cause even after post editing it still barely heard. And the "why do we need to suffer" kinda take a bit long imo.

other than that nice atmosphere and the lore quite interesting , Spooky/10

Zamn you be smashin' all of them '_'


I just played it and I LOVED IT!! realistic in parts!!

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:))) Consider rating!!


Rate the game option in top right


love it<3

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Consider rating <3


Amazing game i love everything about it super scary


Thanks man!

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Omg, I love this game so much!! It genuinely creeped me out so bad!


Thank you :)


I liked the feel of this game. Nice job on the outer frame - it really set the mood.



just read it is your first game, thanks a lot for sharing this! you have a bright future ahead of you, really enjoyed this one !!


Thank you!!


Very interesting... I want more.

Thank you


Interesting and atmospheric.

Thank you


Good game


Thank you

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Uniquely made overlay with the questions, which have been asked before, unfortunately. 

This is a good game. I've played numerous analog style horror projects, where the player is forced to have an interview/test/examination or etc., while the game tries to make the environment unsettling. I would say, the footage part and the ending felt different in a great way, showcasing what the game could have done better, unlike the ones, which do the same over and over - showing black and white distorted pictures and asking you if it is creepy or not. 

The core and story of this game is more interesting than the actual gameplay. I would say, the rest is executed well, sound design, the overlay, overall atmosphere hit the right marks, yet I wish it was focused more on the creepy woods and that exact storyline. 

In short, solid game. Best of luck to the development team. Cheers! 
Edit: I would love to see updates to this game. Good luck! 


Thanks for the honest review, Its my first game soo there is a lot left to learn :))




Thank youu!



Remember the human before commenting <3

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